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Curb Sawing

Curb sawing includes the cutting over long distances of curbs and parapet walls flush to the road surface eliminating the need for curb excavation. It's the ideal technique for curb or parapet wall removal when roads and bridges require widening or demolition. Mitered cuts can be made in curbs and sidewalks for driveway and ADA ramp approaches.

Diamond Core Drilling

Our core drills and diamond bits can cut holes from 1/2" to an unlimited diameter and depth when a circle wire saw is used in conjunction with a diamond core bit. Holes can be drilled level, plumb or on an angle either above or below ground or under water. Typical core drilling applications include walls, ceilings, roofs, bridges, tunnels, and road surfaces. They are also used for test core sampling of concrete and asphalt. Drilled holes are often used to route cables, conduit pipes, and wires through structures for renovations, demolition or new construction.

Diamond Wire Sawing

Wire sawing is ideal for cutting mass concrete, reinforced concrete and sections of concrete too large for other methods. Since virtually no concrete structure or cross-large is too large, wire saws are used where other cutting methods are impractical. Wire sawing applications include removing large sections of reinforced concrete such as piers, towers and bridge sections, and for cutting concrete in areas where work space is restricted. It can also be used under water. This advanced method of concrete cutting offers many advantages including no vibration, no dust, and no disruption to neighboring operations, greatly reducing costly downtime.

Road & Slab Sawing

Flat surfaces such as roadways, floors, bridge decks, suspended slabs, and roofs can be cut quickly and precisely up to a depth of 30" with the use of diamond-tipped blades. Our equipment ranges from walk-behind to hand-held models depending on the size of the cut required. Atlantic Concrete Cutting's flat saws range from 8 to 120 horsepower and accommodate all available power and exhaust requirements. Our state-of-the-art equipment means quick setup and job time for a more cost-effective operation with minimal disruption to other projects.

Sawing & Sealing

Sawing and sealing of expansion joints in asphalt and concrete is done quickly and precisely. Cutting can be done wet or dry with approved vacuum systems. Non-abrasive polyureas, pre-formed neoprene, and urethanes are used to seal and repair cracks in concrete surfaces. Our silicon based pavement joint sealants are JFR approved for high movement category applications including airfield pavements. Existing joints and cracks in concrete and asphalt are rehabilitated by the use of saws and routers. Once the old material is removed the joints are sandblasted or pressure washed and resealed with new material.

Wall Sawing

Track mounted diamond wall saws are utilized when precise, clean cut for openings in vertical and horizontal surfaces are required. They are also very effective in cutting round surfaces such as tanks, towers, and pipes. Wall sawing leaves a smooth finish that is ready for installation of door jambs, windows, and louvers with no harm to the remaining structure. Walls can be cut on any angle and to any shape or size. Cuts can also made upside down and/or under water.